Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ray of Light

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!
I've been so lagging on my bloggin' lately that I've decided to do at least 3 posts a week now,everything from the latest fashion trends to my own personal outfits. I'm currently working as a Fashion Consultant at Just Fabulous and all I can say is that, I LOVE IT SO FAR...It's the perfect work enviroment, it's like The Devil Meets Prada, but more glamorous and so Fashion forward. This office itself looks like a page of Vogue Magazine. I swear to god that I have the best job in the world!! Like LITERALLY. Anyways, Here's an editorial which is to die for. Jessica Hart is SEX..Isn't you knock you out of the field GORGEOUS..I think so..Her beauty is so awkward but so alluring, you get sucked into her big blue eyes..LOL!! I can't wait to see her in more fashion magazines. She's definitely a STUNNER!!!





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